Who We Are

Arrested Development Social Media is a New York City based purveyor of media content for small to medium sized businesses. Arrested Development Social Media is a new voice in an old concept: businesses needing to directly engage with their customers.

Social media is great but how many small to medium sized business owners have the time to respond to all of their queries on Facebook?

Or constantly update content on Instagram?

Or introduce new products or services to their customers on YouTube?

Or create engaging content about their business for their own websites’ unused blog?

Even boiling down your businesses message to 140 characters in a Tweet is often cumbersome to the point of inertia.

Inertia in your business isn’t accepted; why should your website and social media remain static? This isn’t the phone book! Your online life shows off who you are and what your business is about to all the customers you haven’t met yet! If you don’t engage with these potential customers then they will migrate to an online identity that does engage them.

Arrested Development Social Media offers a full suite of services custom tailored to your individual business and its needs. Arrested Development also helps businesses with search engine optimization (“SEO”) services to help increase webpage search rankings.


Arrested Development was born from the combined experience of husband and wife team Jesse & Katie Schmitt. For more than 10 years they traveled the United States and Canada first writing, then creating video content for bed and breakfasts, inns, and boutique hotels with Sleep Here Now. They were and continue to be content creators for such sites as eHow, Associated Content, Interact Media, Plays411, Valley Scene Magazine, Zerys, Yahoo! and others.