The Long Road

There are so many people out there who have achieved enormous success, yet still feel empty. There are so many others who have a dream, but no compass. There are others still who feel as though they could be doing something so much more fulfilling, but still fill their lives with errant noise. Then there are those who go to bed at night feeling satisfied. They have an undertaking they appreciate, they have a charted objective on their radar, they have a plan in place to get there, and they move every day with intent towards that direction.

So what kind of person are you? img_1205

One of the biggest challenges I’ve found in my encounters with individuals is that they haven’t seen the forest for the trees. Friends and casual acquaintances get so focused in on the minutiae of their day to day that they don’t care to see all the potential which lies before them. I have been guilty of this myself; chances are we all have. Obsession over detail can be a good thing; focusing in on redundant triviality can be all-consuming.

Or there’s the issue of being stressed out by comparing our current situation to an ideal time in our past. We can’t go backwards, we can only move ahead. Idealization of our past is easy, it’s familiar, it’s what we knew. Even if, in reality, the past wasn’t as great as we remember it was.

So what do we do about all of this?

One thing I am always trying to be better about is seeing the bigger picture and not letting minor blockades define me. Most of the banal things we obsess over can and will be overcome, worked through or negotiated around. We all have challenges we need to deal with every day. That’s part of life. But taking a bigger picture, longer-view is essential to moving forward.

And you’re never going to reach the destination on that long road if you don’t know where you’re headed. So beat back distractions, define your objective, use a reliable guide, carry with you only what you need, and seek counsel from sources who will give you plain-speak when you ask it of them. img_1008


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