Use What You’ve Got

One of the maddening things I constantly see in this world around me is misappropriated talent. There are so many people with so many innate talents who don’t use them to their fullest.

My mother came from a big family. When I was growing up my aunts on my mothers side were some of the most amazing people I knew. Her younger sisters; twins; were these two waif like beautiful hippie girls who would always sing acapella at family functions. Even in my younger days I could have imagined buying their albums and just listening to their sweet sweet harmonies over and over again. Still, decades later, these two aunts have yet to lay down tracks for their debut album.

One of my good friends from high school math class was a dead-on impersonator and humorist. She was so funny and could impersonate anybody with a larger than life bawdiness which was hilarious. I could have seen her going onto a career as an amazing comedian. This was also almost twenty years ago. I still see her from time to time. She’s married now with two (or three) kids. I love her still. Love her husband. But her work at a corporate desk job is not allowing her to unleash the amazingly humorous voice (she still has) on the world.

Whether it’s supremely talented musicians who are spending their days working the genius counter, fixing your iPhones or amazingly talented artists who use their intricate skills on their former landlords walls, everyone has talents.

Don’t let the red lights in front of you get in the way of your dreams; pave your own roads!

Everyone has talents so why isn’t everyone using them?

Even for myself, this truism holds. My wife has told me countless times how great it would be for me to write a great opus. Like “The Great Gatsby” or “The Grapes of Wrath.” I am humbled that anyone thinks anything that I have to say would be on par with these masterworks – But that’s part of the problem isn’t it?

We are always our own harshest critics. We are always our own worst enemies. We are usually the biggest obstacle standing in the way of doing this or trying that. Why don’t we allow that tiger spirit from inside of us to break free so that we can all go after our dreams?

The truth is there are always a variety of reasons why we don’t do certain things. Whether it’s family obligations or different life choices or simply lack of motivation there  are so many people with such talent who could be doing so much more.

You see it all around you too; especially on the streets of New York City. Kids shucking candy or bottled water on the street corner, awe-inspired train-stop-length dance routines happening inches from your face on the subway, young people hustling pickup basketball, rhythmic drum circles happening on the bottoms of plastic buckets; all of these are people with talent and expression making the attempt to break on through.

What have you done for yourself lately? If you have a talent that’s just been idling in the back of your mind somewhere, it’s time to revisit it. If you have been putting something off and waiting for a better time to execute this plan, stop delaying! Now is the time, wherever you are right now is the place.

If you’ll excuse me I have to go mark up my next book outline.


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