Keywords in Blog Title Can Make or Break Your Blog

One of the challenges of social media is getting people who aren’t social with you to be social. Sounds like a simple enough problem, right? But how often do you click on things you’re unfamialr with? Not too often likely. Even if you are a social butterfly who’s on the cutting edge of all things online, you are in a stark minority. Actually one of the biggest drawbacks to your social media enterprise can begin with what you title your blog. The simple words you use carry such an impact.  What’s in a title? A lot actually. Here are key things to be aware of when creating a title for your blog.

The journey to blog readers is long. You should make your directions clear.

Your blog title needs to reach out for the audience it’s looking for. What does that mean? Well if you are trying to reach a broad audience and as many people as possible then the title needs to speak to as many of your broad, middle-of-the-road audience as possible. At the same time if your blog post is meant as a niche piece for a niche audience it needs to speak to the people you are reaching towards.

If you’re speaking to a Harry Potter audience you might use terms like “muggles” or “9 3/4.” To most who don’t know the book or film series these things will seem meaningless. But to true fans these terms mean something.

At the other end of the spectrum if you are writing a piece about something general you need to discover what the best keywords are to put into your title. For fitness you might use terms that are broad and far-reaching like “weight loss,” “physical training,” or “muscle” to find the broadest audience you can. The same is true of a subject like “parenting;” you might try terms like “child care,” “infants,” and “adolescence” depending on where your post specifically goes.

Your title needs to be witty and engaging without seeming threatening. You need to make sure that your blog title has got keywords which mean something to the desired audience. You also should be sure that your blog title conveys the content of your blog well. All of these seemingly obvious things may appear to be common sense. But if you are having a hard time generating audience in the world of blogging you should bear these things in mind before you make your next post!


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